Asian Research Center for International Development.

Asian Research Center for International Development (ARCID)

  • ARCID was inaugurated in December 2016 by Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai, Thailand
  • It is a research center under the School of Social Innovation
  • Its research focus is on Southeast Asia and its interactions with East Asia, namely, China, Japan and Korea
  • As a Center located in Northern Thailand, ARCID would take advantage of its geography and concentrate more on the Mekong region and its relations with East Asian powers.
  • ARCID would conduct policy-relevant research, especially political, economic and socio-cultural issues of Southeast Asia-East Asian relations
  • It aims to be a leading think tank and tries to foster an international network of like-minded research centers to further mutual understanding, bilateral and multilateral cooperation between Southeast Asia and East Asia
  • ARCID is led by a team which includes Professor Dr. Lee Lai To, Senior Professor and Director, Dr. Yuki Miyake, Deputy Director and Mr. Jaratphong Sriattanan, Administrative Executive. Please see http://www.mfu.ac.th/school/social-innovation/arcid.php for details