The Four Components

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The Four Components – China Watch Project

  • To understand China, we would like to emphasize at the outset that it is important to examine the domestic developments
  • Domestic developments play a critical role in shaping China’s behavior in regional and world affairs.
  • There is always what is called linkage politics between domestic developments and external relations

The First Component

  • As such, the first component of the China Watch project would be to set up a Monitor and Analysis Unit.
  • The Unit will issue the China Updates and China Policy Briefs
  • China Updates will be published twice a year while China Policy Briefs will be published four times a year. The former is a survey of the current internal and external developments of China while the latter focuses on policy analysis and recommendation.
  • China Updates will be written/edited by the staff of ARCID and China Policy Briefs will be written by senior members of ARCID and invited guest commentators/specialists

The Second Component

  • The second component of the project would be two major research clusters, one on economics and the other on security.
  • For the first major research cluster on economics, we would like to concentrate on China’s multilateral and bilateral relations with the Asia-Pacific
  • Specifically, we would like to encourage more research proposals on China’s relations with ASEAN, particularly those with the Mekong region
  • In this regard, an examination of the regional implications of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) framework would be most pertinent
  • Proposals on China and the border economy in the Mekong region would also be welcomed
  • The second major research cluster is basically on China and Asia-Pacific security
  • In terms of geopolitics and economics, China plays a dominant role in the region
  • It is noteworthy that she plays a critical role in all major regional security challenges
  • Again, we would like to steer our research more towards security issues related to Southeast Asia and especially the Mekong region
  • The proposals can deal with not only traditional security, such as territorial disputes, weapon proliferation, etc., but also non-traditional security and so-called human security, such as environmental security, including water and energy, law enforcement security, transnational migration, etc.
  • In this regard, it would be useful for us to have projects on China and border security in the Mekong region

The Third Component

  • The third component is the hosting of three international conferences and three public lectures
  • The three international conferences are essentially related to the research projects under the two research clusters of the China Watch project
  • The themes of the three conferences are: 1. China’s Reforms in Flux; 2. Regional and International Implications of China’s Belt and Road Initiative; 3. China and Asia-Pacific Security
  • For the three public lectures, they will deal with current issues/studies and are meant for public education

The Fourth Component

  • The final component is on academic exchange
  • This would mean linking up with like-minded centers in East Asia and institutionalizing some research collaborations with some of them
  • We would also try to explore if they have scholars/researchers who would like to join our project
  • All in all, we hope to finish the China Watch project in three years